Energy Access Explorer is an online, open-source, interactive platform that uses mapping to visualize the state of energy access in unserved and underserved areas. It analyzes credible and public data to make the connection between the demand and supply of energy. Individuals can create custom analyses on Energy Access Explorer to identify and prioritize areas where energy markets can be expanded.

Who are the primary audiences of Energy Access Explorer?

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World Resources Institute is committed to transparency and open data. The data and methodology behind Energy Access Explorer are documented and available for download. All the products, methodologies and datasets that make up Energy Access Explorer are available for free use under the MIT License.

Energy Access Explorer is a research initiative led by World Resources Institute. Partners and local stakeholders contribute to the development and update of the platform. To learn more about Energy Access Explorer or provide feedback, contact our team at

If you use this platform, partially or entirely, you must follow the attribution instructions.