Does your organization use Energy Access Explorer?

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Aaron Leopold

CEO Africa Mini Grid Developers Association (AMDA)

If you want to carry out intelligent market based and techology appropriate planning, Energy Access Explorer is what you should use.

David Kariuki

Deputy Director, Energy Planning, Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority of Kenya

Energy Access Explorer will be critical for facilitating planners to access data on load centers, energy resource availability, infrastructure in a timely manner.

This is a platform that will link the stakeholders that generate data with the ones that use it. EAE is likely to become very critical when it comes to energy planning as it will take into account the spatial dimension of energy systems and will inform the other planning tools (demand forecasting, short term optimization and long term expansion) that are currently being used in Kenya.

Sitra Mulepo

Senior Engineer, Ministry of Health, Uganda

Energy Access Explorer is a tool that can help the Ministry of Health assess the best options for providing energy in healthcare facilities and make related decisions. It provides important initial information before moving towards the project planning and implementation phases. And as such, it can reduce the time-intensive data collection and analysis efforts to identify the facilities and their needs. Once these are mapped out, there is no need to visit all facilities (but for some verification) and we (MoH) can assess the best way to provide energy either via solar systems or connecting to the grid.

Joyce DeMucci

Deputy Team Lead, Africa Clean Energy Technical Facility

We can use EAE and geospatial data to help local government officials figure out how to get access in unserved communities.

Jonas Mwende

GIS and IT Officer, Rural Energy Agency, Tanzania

Energy Access Explorer is crucial for rolling out projects for rural electrification. At the Rural Energy Agency in Tanzania we are going to use it in planning to realize the cost and the opportunities for expanding energy access. EAE will help REA move towards a more sophisticated way of planning.

Richard Muhangi

GIS Lead, Rural Electrification Agency, Uganda

With Energy Access Explorer, you don’t need a GIS software to overlay a number of layers, such as solar potential, population density, network data and carry out analysis. All you need is an Internet browser. Stakeholders in the energy sector should make use of the platform to make informed decisions in the sector.

Alexander Komakech Akena

East Africa Regional Coordinator, Rocky Mountain Institute / Chairman of Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA)

Energy Access Explorer provides a great opportunity for the private sector to identify areas where they can expand their businesses.